Fall 2019 Garage Sale

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Friday and Saturday, Oct 18th & 19th
Keller Lion’s Club on Keller Parkway (1709).


We will be setting up the venue Friday morning  (10/18) from 10:00 am to noon and Seller set-up will be from noon to 6:00 pm.  The general public will be shopping Friday from 6:30pm to 9:00pm and Saturday from 7:00am to 12:00pm. (1/2 price for everything all day Sat)


THIS SALE WE ARE COLLECTING A $7 SELLER REGISTRATION FEE TO HELP COVER INCREASED VENUE COSTS. Fee will be collected from sale proceeds. Member sellers will receive 85% of their total sales. Non-Member sellers will receive 80% of their total sales. Members must be in good standing in order to sell. Good standing = paid dues. Member sellers are required to work a 3 hour shift DURING sale hours.


Members may write checks for garage sale purchases; everybody else must use cash or credit card (Credit Card transactions add 3% to the total).
SELLING GUIDELINES  LCMOM earns 15/20% of all sales.  Member sellers will receive a check for 85% of their total sales.  Non-Member sellers will receive 80% of their total sales.  Seller Registration Fee is $7, due prior to the sale and is non-refundable.  Registration fees will be applied towards the venue rental costs.  Seller’s Registration: https://signup.com/go/fnJWrTa


SELLING PARTICIPANTS   Members must be in good standing in order to sell.  Good standing means your dues are paid.  Members are asked to wear Club shirts to help identify us to our customers and to each other.


IF YOU SELL, and you are a member, you must work a shift.All members who are sellers are required to work a 3 hour shift during the sale.
Member volunteer sign-ups: https://signup.com/go/MoaRAKj


This does not include the time spent setting-up your items Friday.  Be sure to sign-up for the shift you want using the online signup website.  Members who are selling must sign up for a shift by Wednesday, 16th!!  Further, unattended children are not allowed during your work shift if during the actual sale (i.e. if your children are present during your work shift they must be accompanied by a non-working adult). **Exception: Venue and Seller set-up shifts (6 am – 9 pm), children may be present if arrangements can’t be made before hand. MEMBERS who are selling do not work a shift will donate 50%. **Exception: Sellers who are unable to work a shift may designate a worker to fill a shift; arrangements must be pre-arranged with the LCMOM Garage Sale Committee. We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled shift and work the entire shift.


VENUE SET-UP will be on will be on Friday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Sellers set out their goods to sell between noon and 6:00 PM on Friday.  Please arrive with items tagged and ready to put out, if you are needing to tag items please do not block isles or occupy tables designated for displaying items for the sale.


CLOSING and CLEAN-UP will be on Saturday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.
Please show consideration for our Garage Sale Committee Moms and pick-up your unsold items promptly at 12:00 pm on Saturday or make arrangements for someone else to pick them up for you. Please advise your Garage Sale Committee Moms if you are not planning to pick your items up and want them donated.  You may indicate on your tags “D” for Donate on the bottom right of your tag if you want an item to be donated at the end of the sale should it not sell.


All items not picked up by will be donatedPlease take Notice, you must be there at noon on Saturday to pick up your unsold items, as all unsold items not picked up will be gathered for donation at 1:00 PM promptly.


IMPORTANT!  Sellers must agree to not knowingly sell products that exceed lead limits set by the CPSC or to sell recalled products, wrecked or expired car seats (make sure there is 9 months + before expiration).  Each seller is responsible for checking their items on the CPSC website (www.cpsc.gov) database of recalled items.  Sellers will not sell products that are likely to have lead content, i.e., children’s jewelry, drop-side cribs, etc.

TAGGING ITEMS  All items must be tagged with a 2” x 2” piece of paper, index card, or cardstock attached with tagging gun, straight pins or safety pin (only non-clothing items may have tags taped on them with packing tape).  If item is in a plastic bag or plastic wrap, please attach the tag to the outside of the bag/wrap with packing tape.  Prices written on tape will not be accepted.  Please indicate seller’s name, size of item (if applicable), price of the item on each tag.  Prices must be in costs easily cut in half for Saturday half price sale ie $.50, $1.00, $1.50 Etc.  Items not marked “FIRM” will be eligible for the ½ price sale on Saturday. Please make sure all information is written in ballpoint pen or permanent marker only.   Felt tip and washable markers have ink that can run if they get wet. As a courtesy, sellers are asked to identify the condition of torn or stained clothing on their tag and price accordingly.  Please do not sell items that are not in working condition or car seats that have been involved in an automobile accident or exceed the safety requirements as to age of the car seat.  Write a “D” (Donate) on the bottom right of your tag if you want an item to be donated at the end of the sale should it not sell. Leave it blank if it will be picked up.


TAGGING EXCEPTION: If you have items tagged for another consignment sale you do not need to retag.  We will accept tags from Just Between Friends, Divine Consign, Rhea Lana, etc.  If anything other than your name identifies you as the seller please declare on your waiver so we can reconcile tags with sales and pay you accordingly!  (i.e. Seller ID JD12345 = Jane Doe)


MATCHING/COORDINATING OUTFITS THAT ARE NOT TO BE SOLD SEPARATELY should be hung on hangers.  Rubber band the necks of the hangers together.  After the sale Friday, members may pick-up any clothing sets that they do not wish to sell individually.  Shopping will then resume, and members may “break” sets and purchase items singly.  EACH piece of clothing in the set needs its own price tag.  Please respect the wishes of owners: items that are bound together must NEVER be separated by anyone other than the owner on Friday night.


You may sell anything baby/child up to teenager or pregnancy related including but not limited to: clothing, shoes, books, toys, furniture, feeding related, travel and safety equipment, sports equipment, diapering/potty training, costumes, maternity.


IF A TAG FALLS OFF we cannot negotiate a price on your behalf.  Please make sure your tags are secure!  Periodically check the box that will be designated at the checkout area for “unmarked items”. You may have items in there that cannot be sold until they are re-tagged.  We also try to post missing tags/ items on our seller FB page.


RECEIVING YOUR PROFITS Proceeds from the sale will be mailed a check within 2 weeks of the sale.
Garage Sale Waiver 2019

Garage Sale Waiver 2019